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You can Create own life by changing the Roots of your life pattern. The easiest way to change your world is change yourself. 

- PG

PG is an Author, Celebrity Mind Trainer, Life Transformation Coach,

Presentation, Technical, and Passion Preneur.

The Mind can be man’s best “FRIEND” or It can be man’s worst “FOE”. The Mind can make or break a PERSON. Yet, there is very little taught in schools or colleges on how to use our minds effectively. PG is known as Happiness & Success Coach and is India’s leading Mind Power Expert.

He started his journey of understanding the mind and its potential in 2010 and today he teaches people how to effectively use their minds for living Happier (stress-free), Healthier, and More Successful Life.

He also teaches individuals how to develop a positive mindset which believes that “Anything is Possible”Over the past 5 years, he has conducted Celebrity mind tuning, mind power workshops, seminars, keynote speeches, and motivational talks and has touched over various lives across India and Abroad. PG firmly believes that to thrive in the 21st Century, human beings need to use more of their inner potential i.e. their minds.

By effectively using their Inner Potential, human beings can achieve any goal and solve any problem.In short, he believes that all the solutions exist “Inside” and not “Outside”. All his work is focused around understanding and using the Unlimited Potential Within and to unfold the Real Power.

PG is an also NLP Practitioner, Meditator, Hypnotherapist, A Heal Your Life Workshop Leader, EFT Practitioner, Sedona Method trainer, Law of Attraction Coach, Certified Subconscious Mind Trainer, Certified DMIT Counsellor, and a Music Healer. He has come up with a unique idea called “Musical Healing” which is helping people transform their lives very fast.

Right now he is writing a book called “CHANGE YOUR LIFE IN ONE MINUTE” is a unique book that is full of practical tools to transform life with the practice of only 1 minute in a day. His teachings are very Simple & Practical. His way of using multiple simple examples helps people to grab his teaching in a flash. His Q & A sessions are really amazing and full of Practical Solutions.

Transformation Journey of PG

How I started my Journey



I was an average student in school. Completed my schooling from Rishra Vani Bharati ( Rishra is a town in Hooghly district in West Bengal). In studies I was not great but at the same time I have improved my skill from an early age. I used to write poems and mimic in school. My mother wanted me to become a doctor which I was not capable of. Dad wanted me to become an engineer which I tried but left after 3 semesters as that was also not my cup of tea. I took admission in BSC in st. Pauls college, kolkata. But I was not very keen on academics.


I tried my passion as my career and stepped into the entertainment industry as an Anchor. Learning, trying and execution became my pattern and I started excelling in that sector. I was lucky to have a mentor “Mr. Dinesh Soni” (now a renowned anchor in the entertainment industry) who taught me to polish my talent and helped me to become a better Anchor. He has played a major role in my success in the entertainment industry. Mentors are very important in our life.

After multiple experiences I got the opportunity to design the complete event and I became an expert in that in a couple of years. I have also failed multiple times but learnt every time from it and improved my skills day by day. I was doing Pretty well. Then the Ego took over and I started falling down.I have faced multiple bad times and was broke from all the sides. I have faced relationship breakdown, financial disaster etc.



In 2013 I have organised Dandia event in which I faced huge losses for which I was not ready. I went into depression. That was the time I started analysing my life. Why are these things happening with me? What mistake have I made? Where was I wrong? bla bha.

Regret covered me from every side and I started hating myself and others. I came across a book “The power of subconscious mind” suggested by my friend and I have also attended a workshop called “Mind Power Unlimited”.

I became aware of the power of the mind and started getting the reasons behind every event and incident took place in my life. I started reading books to have a deep understanding about the mind. I have attended multiple workshops after that and started practicing the learnings.

Prasanjit Meditation


Meditation became the priority of my life. Forgiveness, Gratitude, Appreciation, Prayer became the pillars of my life. Things started changing. I changed my habits, my circle, and I changed everything which was not serving me. I started crafting my life again from the scratch. I replaced the patterns in the subconscious mind which was dragging me down after getting success. I understood the working style of mind. I tuned my mind to work for me now, which was working against me earlier. I turned myself as a magnet of wonderful things, good fortune, fantastic relationship, peaceful life. My mind became the idea box. I started experiencing better creativity and easygoing life. 



I learnt how laws of love, laws of universe and laws of attraction works. I started witnessing magic and miracles in my life. Universe has given me many gifts like “Trip To Singapore” as a jackpot, Luxury Life Style, which I always wanted, Nice Personality and much more. It completely transforms my life.

Now I am in love with myself. I love my surrounding and everything about this planet. Now I believe that every day of my life is full of gifts and miracle. I start my day with positive affirmations.



We all have come on this planet with a purpose and have been given a talent according to the purpose. I got the message from the inner self about my purpose and I started connecting the dots. I took a mission of helping 100 million people to live a financial free, happy, healthy and peaceful life. I have suffered a lot and want to help those who are facing the same. I help them reprogram their mind to fulfil their dreams. We all are unique and have immense power within. I realise them to see the power and help them tap the power house within.

I have helped multiple entrepreneurs and individuals to take their personal and professional life to the next level. I love helping people as I know the pain they are facing. I have come out of it and I know the best solution that works. Once I got the mentor who guided me to become better version and so I know the importance of mentor in the journey to success. Now I have devoted my life to transformation the life of others by mentoring them to life a financial free, happy and peaceful life

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